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Methodology is about adopting a standard practice to work within. Naturally, the best trainers are always guided by individual horses, and their own particular needs. Even so, the wise trainer understands that there must be a clear procedure, backed up by logic, that operates as a guideline to follow in the development of the equine (or human!) athlete. My own methodology has evolved from my belief (tested in the field) in the logical methods passed on to me from matter of fact trainers (such as Molly Sivewright FBHS) and from Spanish Riding School trained instructors (Rockowansky, Rohrer, Mikolka) who I studied with over a period of three decades.

The job of training the dressage sport horse, or rider, is a fantastic one!  In following clear and proven methods, the enhancement of the horse's beauty and natural athletic gifts are a wonder to behold.  The dedicated rider can be proud to hear comments of, "Wow, he is beautiful...wherever did you get him?" and realize that this bouncy, glowing equine athlete is the same horse that was a scrawny, upside-down leg-mover only a year before.  This transformation in my horses is what has solidified my beliefs in my own methodology.

The most important concept in my training system is, without a doubt, the development and maintenance of the gaits...

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