Wolffe Dressage
Athletic Fitness

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Individual Sessions

Private Lessons:    65.00
Group Lessons / Training Rides:   45.00   (Intro to Group Schooling below)
Schooling at Shows:   50.00 per day + expenses

All lessons and training are done at Parker Stables in Sherwood.  Any other lessons or training may be subject to an additional travel charge of $0.50 per mile each way. This can be split among riders at the same barn/time.
  Students trailering in to Parker Stables for lessons must be prepared to pay a haul-in fee to the barn.

Monthly Lesson & Training Packages

These packages are for riders who desire regular progressive sessions. Horses and riders should be reasonably fit for any of these packages. All training packages are set up on a regular weekly schedule and are priced with the intention that the occasional session will be missed due to shows or clinics. Make up sessions will be as needed and at my discretion. Owners are welcome and encouraged to watch any training sessions.

  Plan                                                        By the Month

   A      1x group lesson/ride per week         175.00
   B      1x private lesson per week               250.00
   C      3x lessons / rides per week              525.00
   D      Unlimited lessons / rides per week         600.00     2016/17 SPECIAL

A Bit About Group Schooling

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this helpful and important part of training, I’d like to share my “how to” and reasoning behind Group Schooling with you. It is as the name implies…schooling in a group situation. What this means is that instead of working one on one in a private lesson, the horse and rider partnerships are asked to become more independent and experiment with training techniques in a slightly more unguided situation. Group Schooling allows riders to learn from others (in watching, listening, or discussing). It gives the horses some company and sense of security (It is a herd animal after all). Group Schooling gives the entire training team (instructor, student, horse) a chance to practice working as a team or within a distracting scenario thus, better preparing everyone for excursions away from home. It proves that one actually can just “shut-up and ride” as the saying goes…

Group Schooling happens in varied ways. It may take place as a standard group lesson where all participants work the same movements and figures following in a line. It could morph into a quadrille type session where the horses are asked to work as pairs. Group Schooling could also be slightly less regimented…where a small number of riders enter the arena in 30 minute increments, some warming up on their own while others are schooled by the instructor. Finally, it could happen that all horses start at the same time (as a regular group) and each rider is given a separate program to work on independently while the instructor oversees everyone.

The main purpose of this work is to provide LESS coddling to the emerging rider/trainer and create more bonding of the horse and rider team. Your horse is thrilled for the companionship of other horses. Your instructor is available for critique and watching you to see which skills are solid and which need further refining. Everyone wins.